Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Madness

The Oklahoma Wesleyan University men’s basketball team fell short of winning its second national championships. After their heart-breaking Final Four loss on March 15th to St. Francis University, Head Coach Donnie Bostwick wrote his guys a letter, a portion of which follows:

“This year’s team showed so much toughness when tested with all sorts of adversity, including injuries, but yet continued to endure and succeed all the way to the end. I am so proud of this year’s team and their accomplishments.

“Most importantly, this year’s team focused on Christ. We, including myself, made mistakes, but we asked for forgiveness and moved on. We hope we set a good example for all of the children and fans that we performed in front of this season. It is our prayer that we let Christ shine through us and our actions and that people think of Christ when they think of our team” (Donnie Bostwick, Oklahoma Wesleyan University men’s basketball).

It is fun being the winner, but for every winner at a sporting event there has to be a loser. I salute Coach Bostwick and his important life-lesson for his team. They can use it all of their lives, long after the final four is finished. A few more examples like Coach Bostwick and there would be a lot less “madness” around us, not only in March but throughout the year.

Wayne at Warner’s World,

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