Monday, March 1, 2010

H. C. Heffren, Canadian Pioneer

Some think the Reverend Henry C. Heffren was a great doctrinal preacher-author; He did write more than 40 books and pamphlets, lead a correspondence school, and serve as a mission pastor and executive, as well as radio preacher in Manitoba. Others think he was not too great a bible scholar. I happen to be one who held him in high esteem and I know he was highly esteemed by the Church of God in both Western Canada and Stateside.

Dr. Heffren, as he was honored by Gulfcoast Bible College, was a pioneer pastor of the Church of God in Western Canada. He got involved in radio and operated a faith radio ministry that also became a publishing-teaching ministry that was global in time. I was introduced to his ministry when I was a rookie pastor in West Texas; he lectured in Houston on the Kingdom of God and the church, and I was hooked from then on.

The numerous writings of H.C. Heffren will soon available in a 4-volume compiling o his more than 40 publications. That project is nearing completion at Reformation Publishers. I believe many pastors and lay people will find it not only helpful but quite useful.

I post this from Reformation Publishers so that any readers will know I have not left the scene; I have just been toooooo busy. Thus, I take this occasion to let some of you know I will resume my regular ramblings again, but for now I will use this to alert some of you to the coming Heffren series from RP. They "should" be available for the first time at the coming May Pastor's Fellowship in Winchester, KY.

This is an off the cuff announcement while I am doing a late-night printing job at RP. Watch for Dr. Heffren's compiled volumes and I'll give more details when they become available. In the meantime,

I'm still,


Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian of long standing [72 yrs this week]. I have several of Dr. Heffren's pamphlets which I am sure at some point in time had a big impact on me. Certainly it must have been in the 70's when I first read his material. I was a futurist in the World Wide Church of God [Armstrong] up through about 1975. That was the year we believed we would be taken to a place of safety to protect us from Jesus destroying the evil-doers.

Needless to say I have no believed that for nearly 40 years.

I am thankful to find all of his material on line and have sent it to friends --one of whom found it very helpful.


Gary Reid
Stouffville ONTARIO

Wayne said...

Thanks Gary, for that personal testimony regarding mutual friend H. C. Heffren.The 4 volumes to which I referred did not get immediately published, but are currently in process, and will be available from Reformation Publishers. As a retired pastor, I have kept somewhat abreast of the World Wide Chog with the separation et al from Armstrongism, and consider current ptm editor Greg Albrecht a serious and thoughtful mainstream writer, and am in occasional communication with them. I have visited the Thamesford area several times and like it over there. Thanks again...

Bobi Coble said...

Hi, Mr. Wayne
I am a member of the Church of God of Lebanon, OH. Brother Kenneth Alsop is the Pastor. Recently he spoke about H.C. Heffren being a Church of God pioneer. Originally he wondered if he was still living but found out he was born in 1905. So he is interested in trying to contact any of H.C. Heffren's children. I found your blog and didn't know if you knew how to contact any of them or if you knew if any of them had a congregation or church that continued H.C. Heffren's teachings.

I would greatly appreciate any information you may have or would be willing to offer to give back to my pastor. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you,
Bobi Coble

Wayne said...

I will have to get back to you on this Bobi Coble, but thank you for your inquiry. Henry Heffren was a pioneer of the Church of God (Anderson) in Western Canada. He is deceased but his daughter Gladys is alive. I think I have her email address and I have conversed with her on numerous occasions; she and her husband have been very active church workers and I think have been in ministry at times. I can't give it to you off the top of my head so will get back to you here. I am also reachable on Face Book and via email. Reformation Publishers, now based in Mt Sterling, KY handles all of Heffren's writings, approximately 42 books and pamphlets that were compiled for an intended 4-volume set. Printing and Publishing being what it is, that compilation was completed but never published for lack of market et al. Be blessed...

Wayne said...

Bobi: My last contact shows Gladys (and Wally) Krueger at gmk1961@hotmail. If that does not work get back in touch with me and I'll see what I can do to assist you. Not sure if I have a phone number or not. :-)