Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Public Option Controversy

Eric Denton wrote on the wall of his Face book: “Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the orphan. Fight for the rights of widows. Isaiah 1:17 Written over 700 years before Jesus was born- same lessons of love and passion -stand with the overlooked. First words cut home: "Learn to do good." We take it in and teach it- love and passion -or we don't. Today, I want to learn to do good. It's the lesson of our lives... live it, teach it.”

I like that. It reminds me that even in the days of the Old Testament Prophets, and especially since the time of Christ, there have been those advocating for the common good of humanity, regardless of the political “stuff” that circulates endlessly.

I’m thinking of President Obama’s speech today; don’t know what he will say, don’t care in a manner, I salute the efforts of those trying to advance equal health-care reform for everyone. I’ve been married to the daughter of a Medical Doctor for 62 years, the daughter that was supposed to be a boy, that was supposed to become the next doctor. By a twist of fate, she left Pre-med and became Pro-ministry.

I’ve heard her stories and observed through the years, and strongly support a Public Option in today‘s Medical Market. She began as an early adolescent as Doc’s Assistant, helping with pre-natal needs, pharmaceutical needs that came out of Doc’s Medical Bag, shots and all the other stuff a Physician’s Assistant did in those “medieval medical years.” And yes, we still believe the way Doc practiced Medicine (Urban Houston; rural OKLA): equal access for all, first come, first served, pay accordingly, depending on circumstances--NO EXCLUSIONS!

We spent our 62 years together staying close to the medical community, wife’s fragile health is a story all its own, beginning with My Air Force discharge because of her malignancy, not to mention our raising a highly asthmatic child. We’ve dealt with such issues forever, and still do, but there was a time when we could obtain reasonable medical insurance, which did not become terminally inflated until after DEREGULATION under Reagan. Since that time, the Health-Care Industry giving Medical Insurance Companies a Monopoly. This has led to desk jockeys practicing medicine without a medical license, in the name of the bottom line.

I support Public option because I believe as an American citizen I have equal right to access health care equal to what the President and Congress have--as a citizen. I do not believe that health care should remain “FOR PROFIT!” President Reagan used the Government to turn over public health care to private interests--for profits which have been huge. Health care is up for grabs for “them what has the mostest of the money” and that is unAmerican and totally undemocratic.

There are good doctors and bad, and those profits did not all go to doctors faithfully serving patients. My wife still remembers how much her father lost in unpaid bills during the depression--a staggering amount, but whether or not Doc made money, Doc practiced faithfully being his brother’s keeper and he taught his kids likewise, both the democrat one’s and the republican one’s.

Consideration of the common good today is a lost concern. When I think of the common good, I think globally, but I have to admit I despise “my government” spending “trillions” 'warring overseas'(spending a majority of the national budget) while it cannot see that the man on main street has health care--that is Christianity in reverse. . .(AND CHRISTIANS AND REPUBLICANS AND OTHERS TALK ABOUT KEEPING GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR LIVES……………what a joke!

Today, I want my life to be an expression, not of Eric, not of the President (a great model for family values), not whatever political party, but I want my life to be an expression doing good, the kind of goodness Jesus taught. As Eric wrote, It's the lesson of our lives... live it, teach it.” I've had enough failures of my own, but I'm working on it, Eric!

This is Wayne
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Pastor Eric said...

Thanks for reading and citing my facebook post... humbled to have you as a "friend." The word that stuck out in that verse from Isaiah to me was "learn." Think we're all still doing that... learning... I know I am.

Preaching at the church at Siempre this weekend- conference for the church of God in northern baja -preaching from Jonah 2:7, "and then I remembered God..." So much pressure, such hard times, so much conflict: what an incredible time, like Jonah, to "remember God."

blessings my brother- keep me in your prayers. Know I'm praying for you and yours tonight.


Mark said...

Brother Wayne, you wrote, "I have equal right to access health care equal to what the President and Congress have--as a citizen." So now what do you think about the President and Congress exempting themselves from the very healthcare that they're pushing on us?

Wayne said...

Wow, Mark! You went that far back to read me ... ?
The President should have the same options for health care that I have, with no exemption. That is a disappointment.