Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Quest of Holiness and Unity

The “Saints Reformation” at Grand Junction, Michigan (1884-1896), as it was known, resulted through the ministry of Daniel S. Warner of the Northern Indiana Eldership of the Churches of God and Joseph C. Fisher of Carson City, MI.(the Michigan Eldership).

Daniel converted to Christianity in 1865, felt called to the ministry in 1866, was licensed in 1867, and began formulating his understanding of the Biblical message of John Winebrenner and his followers. He served as a pastor for 6 years, and a missionary--evangelist--publisher for 4 years.After discovering sanctification as a second blessing, He became part of the Holiness Revivals.

Warner founded the Gospel Trumpet publication, later known as Vital Christianity
(1880-1996). As a publisher-preacher--evangelist, Warner eventually became the patron saint of a reform movement now known as the Church of God, Anderson (1880-2009). John W. V. Smith summarized the first century of the Church of God (Anderson) in his centennial history, The Quest for Holiness and Unity (Warner Press/1880).

For us to continue that quest for holiness and unity is not to perpetuate the administration of Anderson, Indiana but to reclaim Biblical holiness and unity. I suggest we achieve this in 3 ways:

(1) We not simply denounce denominational exclusivity, as did the exponents of the “come-out” doctrine, but we overcome it by breaking down the barriers and joining ranks in cooperating in common Kingdom purposes
(2) We become intentionally “inclusive” within the full Family of God, cooperating with believers in the common cause of taking seriously Christ’s Great Commission to “Go into all the world. . .”
(3) We walk the walk we talked for 125 year; we must now reaffirm the first fruits of Christian experience (the essence of holiness--wholeness, and unity) and maintain what Gerald Mann called the salvage-ability of human worth in spite of the worst of circumstances.

This will help the Church of God to rediscover its own soul. If, as a Movement, we have the sense of a Mule, we will, unlike the horse that will eat anything, separate the Biblical Wheat from our “Evening Time” chaff, and join hands with Christians of all colors and nationalities and make a serious effort to teach the Love of Jesus to a world filled with the inhumanity of genocide, terrorism, unfettered greed, hatred, and fear.

If this is not worth OUR ABSOLUTE BEST, then in the name of God we need to find a more humane cause …
Walking With Warner

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