Thursday, June 11, 2009

In Support of War

President Obama’s proposed 2010 national budget is as follows:
57% - Dept. of Defense, War, Veteran's Administration,
6% Health and Human Services,
6% Transportation,
4% State and other International Programs,
4% Housing and Urban Development,
4 $ Education,
4% Other Agencies,
3% Homeland Security,
2% Energy,
2% Agriculture,
2% Justice,
2% Environmental Protection Agency,
1% NASA,
1% Commerce,
1% Labor,
1% Treasury
1% Interior.

America is not a peaceful nation when it spends 57% of its total budget for military and war purposes. What does that say about our national priorities? The best legacy we can leave to our children is to reduce our military spending.

I for one am not at all satisfied to spend that many of my tax dollars for purposes of war and military support. How about if we at least dedicated ten percent of our military budget to peace causes!!!

From Warner’s World,
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