Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Decade For Peace and Non-violence for Children


Twenty-three Nobel Peace Laureates, including Mother Teresa, appealed to the United Nations to designate the years 2001-220210 as “A Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World.” The resolution excerpted below was passed with no discussion.

WHEREAS the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted the appeal which has the potential of changing the direction of the world, and calls for the principles of nonviolence to be taught in the educational institutions of all member nations, and at all levels of society; and

WHEREAS people on every continent, at the close of the most violent century in history, are perplexed and frustrated by the traditional policies of retaliation and violence, and are expressing an international willingness to find a better way for local and global conflict resolution; and

WHEREAS…because of our deep concern that children and all people hear the Good news of Jesus and accept Him and His teachings; now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED: that the General Assembly encourage Church of God people to cooperate with the worldwide efforts to make the years 2001-2010 a decade for building a culture of peace and non violence.

Since 1999, no resolutions on war and/or peace have been brought to the General Assembly, and no statements have been issued.

I respond as only one observer, yours truly; I offer this observation: nice words from a handful of well-meaning persons, written on a worthless piece of paper, for a group of people who by their passiveness and lack of initiative show they could care less.

We will soon conclude this decade for creating a more peaceful and non-violent culture for children, and what have we done--precious little. A few out there worked feverishly, but most went about their own business doing whatever they did.

As I approach 2010 in Warner’s World, I have to wonder just how much the Church of God really cares,

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