Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Losers

Some years ago a Science Fiction movie came out titled "The Running Man". This same Stephen King novel, first published in 1982 under the pseudonym Richard Bachman, unfolds several themes.

One shows a country obcessed with gambling, while sliding a slippery slope into further social darkness. Pursuit of this theme reflects an oppressive government utilizing "Gaming Television" as its strongest weapon for controlling the Nation. We see the nation's obsession [will] to win, which seems to further confirm the direction the Nation drives, and the accuracy of the "Social Metaphor".

Did King intend to point out the social "Horrors" of gambling? I doubt it! It does appear, however, that "Running Man" provides a vehicle for expressing one mans struggle with personal tragedy. Other issues thread their way through the film, although maintaining the focus of "Sordid" events that continue to fill our national pastime with pleasure and gambling, and its inevitable economic and social ruin.

These reflect a force that has few contemporary equals and dramatically hint at the potentially tragic state of affairs of a society that continues to find its relief in even more Gambling.

From Warner’s World come some shared online conversation between my longtime friend Ron and me shared here FWIW, after we chewed on it several times ...

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