Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kempin Kindles

The Church of God [Anderson] has long been about the fact that truth matters. Movementally, we have long affirmed the truth that there is ultimate truth, beyond the portable relevancies of humanity. As you would expect, we have also affirmed a theme suggesting God as Loving Grace, to use a title from Dr. Barry Callen.

In that volume, Barry reminded us “a keynoting and enduring characteristic of this reformation movement of the Church of God is its consciousness of God and its radical commitment to God, and to God alone” (Evangel/1996/70). Very much within this tradition comes a new title that reveals both a man and his message.

I first met this man in January 1948 when I relocated from Anderson, IN to enroll in Bible College in Portland, where I began attending the Holladay Park Church. I never forgot that man and his books. Truths That Matter was compiled out of Dr. Kempin’s personal papers in 2010, after receiving them from his daughter Naomi Wright, now deceased. It reveals this man and his message.

Pastor Albert J. Kempin Ph. D. (1900-1974), remained eminent on the horizon throughout my earlier pastoral years. As a man, he was esteemed by the church, a gifted pastor, evangelist, educator, pen preacher; and a friend to many, as he modeled the best of Christian ministry. He served churches between 1927 and the mid-fifties. He was an academic pioneer (Ph.D. East Los Angeles Seminary) and noted for his work among our early pioneers, for his educational pioneering, and for devoting his best years to pastoral ministry.

He modeled good pastoral relations, consistently exemplifying the highest of professional qualities in Christian Ministry, while authoring several books via Warner Press: How to Live a Christian Life; Daniel For Today; The King’s Parables; Twelve Great Chapters; and, Why the Millennial Doctrine is Not Biblical.

Comfortable as a man among the people, Albert Kempin was always a man of The Book; he was a thorough Bible teacher, equally at home in the pulpit or classroom. Truths That Matter offers readers a comfortable compilation of Kempin, an opportunity to discover an early leader biographically they might not know as well as some others, while selectively scanning the fruits of his productive pen preaching.

Last but not least is the news that Reformation Publishers recently began producing early Church of God writings in a Kindle foremat, available at Reformation Publishers, Amazon and such. Coordi-nating this effort is Dr. James Fleming (D. Min. SOT 2012), Ocala Florida pastor.

I believe the Kempin Kindles are among the first to become available. This testifies to more than mere church marketing. It witnesses to the church’s commitment to the truth of Scripture, of God, and of ultimate authority.  Finally, it attests to the commitment of all of us in the Movement to be God's people on mission...

I am comfortable with my computer, but I am not yet into Kindle. Yet, I am told it is a comfortable and convenient way to read. Although some may see this only as a marketing tool, I see it as a church aggressively sharing its marketable truth. Oh but you say, that is only Reformation Publishers, or Pastor’s Fellowship, or … yes …it is a diverse church, not in competition with anyone, but united in Christ; it is a church aggressively searching for more ways to share its message in an acceptable manner - all of which inspires me to take the church more seriously than ever.

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