Thursday, October 28, 2010


I’ve been all worked up this week watching political attack ads on television and its time for a little diversion. What do you think about religion? You know, there are two things we should not talk about in public: politics and religion. :-)

We Americans are a very religious lot! Some play golf religiously. Some are following their baseball very religiously. This week, if you live in the North Texas Metroplex, you are zealously religious about the World Series. Other people wash their cars religiously (how about doing mine?) I used to work on my lawn pretty religiously. Others keep faith with the Stock Market and a few are equally religious about watching television.

Some Americans are most religious about house cleaning, others about family activities, and a few about matters of good health, like brushing their teeth, or getting enough rest and relaxation. And yes, there are some very religious Americans who are concerned about being in church and doing God’s Work.

I kinda think it all depends on what your religion is,
On what your god is,
Or what your priority is.

I consider a person’s religion (or god) to be whatever he or she has time for when time is short and running out, which leaves the question,
About what are you religious?

I hope its something worthwhile, something bigger than just the space you occupy, and I hope its significant enough that when all is said and done you won’t regret what you spent all your time doing.

I’ve invested a lot of thought in politics in my retirement years, but I know one thing, there are bigger issues than the politics that divide so many at this election time.
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