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Call my area Legislator and demand he help the LAME DUCK Congress “Ban earmarks, bailouts, and ‘stimulus‘ boondoggles, repeal ‘ObamaCare,’ halt and roll back wasteful federal spending, and stop any new tax increases” and on it goes ... Ad infinitum …

Sounds like music to my ears except its "poppycock" (the discord is awful)! The mail addresses me, a Senior, from a “Senior issues” org that is a rightwing PAC fund. I checked it out and one of the biggest boondoggles today is the recent unleashing of CORPORATE PAC FUNDS FOR LOBBYING CONGRESS AND THE PUBLIC (talk about needed tax reform…).

I’d like to stop earmarks, but I find Republicans are some of the biggest ear markers, after they vote against federal funding. At least Democrats like Senator Byrd built WVA highways rather than Alaskan bridges to nowhere (Republican John Engler left Michigan highways badly deteriorated and under-funded).

I was not comfortable with the bailouts, especially Wall Street and the auto industry. However, I noted that Alabama Republican Shelby led the way in opposing Detroit bailouts, which left more for Alabama’s auto industry. Moreover, much of the bailout funds have already been repaid. They are proving their worth (they really were too big to allow to go down, so the government saved the country, in reality). As for the Cash for Clunkers, it at least allowed some car dealers to sell some extra cars, as my son learned.

Moreover, because Obama released stimulus money, I am now getting my house weatherized and made more energy efficient, which I could not do under President Bush. I call this a win-win situation. The community wins with a better and more energy efficient house when I am forced to vacate, or die. I win with lower energy costs.

I applaud halt and roll back of federal waste; there is always room for improvement. However, the biggest federal boondoggle was George Bush’s Iraq war, with untold documented corruption in the contractors and subsidized governmental contracts. Bush borrowed the money from China for the war, while he cut taxes to the highest echelons of the wealthy. Now, that same upper echelon of American Power is literally flooding the country with mail such as this one from www.60plus.org and www.spendingrevolt.com.

I paid into my group health plan with the Church of God in Michigan for more than 30 years and the insurance company finally priced me out. My Social Security could not pay the more than $1200 monthly demanded by Blue Cross. Our State Office helped us find another plan. We paid into that plan for 3 more years only to have that company stop offering that plan. So, when my President pushed through a sweeping healthcare plan to help me and a lot of other seniors, and add coverage for additional uninsured, he is smeared with OBAMA-CARE AND OBAMANIA and all kinds of uncivil (untrue) smears that only tell a slanted portion of half-truth.

Meanwhile, I am barraged with mail to stop this socialist president and return healthcare to the control of the insurance industry that already made clear what my position was - zilch!

Unfortunately, I remember when Reaganomics came to our city and the Reaganesque government forced our hospitals out of business as independent health providers, including our local Catholic facility. This splendid hospital, that we used comfortably, was “forced” to merge with Community Hospital. Our third hospital, the Osteopathic Hospital went out of business and the two larger hospitals merged with a local monopoly known as Battle Creek Health Systems. We now have one hospital!

Although Mr. Reagan worshipped “competition” his DEGREGULATION effectively eliminated all competition. He sponsored a whole new industry of Hospital Management corporations but failed to improve our medical care. This new health-care industry effectively privatized health care, which had been widely done by not-for-profit groups like Church-based hospitals and Community hospitals.

Healthcare today is micro-managed by non-medical Business Admin majors, rather than the doctors, and leaves a lot to be desired when compared to pre-Reagan deregulation. Yet, I am supposed to vote “ObamaCare” and Pelosi et al out of office. Just how stupid do they think I am!!

Meanwhile, I am asked to stop any new taxes. That is a Republican slant to terminating the Bush Tax Cuts. Please do terminate the Bush Tax Cuts! AND, while you are at it, eliminate the Tax Havens abroad used by so many wealthy so as to avoid any taxes (and social responsibility). Whatever the reader may think about this issue politically, consider the words of Jesus in Luke 16:19-31. It is the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus.

That story describes the trickle-down economics, or Reaganomics. The rich man living in “splendor every day” while Lazarus got whatever trickled down to his level. That story also illustrates the wealthy of a nation “living it up” while failing to “man up” to their social responsibility. Jesus does not leave much to the imagination as to the sense of divine injustice.

Thank you, President Obama, for accepting some social responsibility as our President, and trying to slowdown an economic train that is trying hard to run away with the wealth of America, with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

For Social Responsibility,
this is Warner’s World,

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