Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wikileaking Afghanistan

Wikileaking Afghanistan: Disaster Is Not a Good Thing, But Knowing About It Is by Nathan Schneider

The leak represents no less than a historic act of civil disobedience; consisting of 92,201 U.S. military internal records, this is the largest leak of classified material in history.

While people make a political football out of this story, I suggest this a good thing because it further exposes the inhumanity of supporting war as an acceptable means of political and social development. The United States, in policing the world, has produced the CIA and all kinds of ngo special forces that perform all kinds of deeds, some of which are no better than the enemy they are trying to defeat. Our citizenry is often made party to crimes at hand, without having any choice in the matter.

I am sorry if it produces loss of life on the part of our military forces, or of the Afghan people. We need to help them help themselves, but we ought not to be complicit in unnecessary, immoral, and otherwise wrong actions taking place.

As citizens have a right to freedom of information. America is not yet a dictatorship, or a police state. If we continue in the direction we have been heading for many years now, we shall soon be a politically-controlled police state led by the Pentagon and the war industry complex.

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