Monday, December 14, 2009

What Difference Does it Make?

Time does not allow me to elaborate on an issue I've been pondering for many weeks now as I read the world news. In so many countries around the world I see hatred, violent clashes, murder and terrorism wrapped up in various forms of "Jihad." WHY ARE CHRISTIANS SO PERSECUTED IN SO MANY PLACES? ARE CHRISTIANS (JESUS / GOD) TO BE SO FEARED AS TO MAKE THEIR PRESENCE DANGEROUS? The following story by Michael Ireland is but one of perhaps hundreds I have read in recent months from numerous sources, but it illustrates the common thread.

"HOUSTON, TX (ANS) -- They call him "The Ghost" -- the preacher who started 400 churches in Uganda -- and cannot be killed.

"Pastor Zachariah and his wife have 12 children, he oversees 400 churches, and his home church has 2,000 members.

"Pastor Zachariah Sserwadda has survived three assassination attempts on his life, the latest of which was March 4, 2000. Local radio reported that he was dead, according to Christi Myers reporting for TV station KTRK in Houston, TX.

"Myers says that nine years ago the African pastor was left severely injured in a terrorist attack that killed an American missionary in Uganda. Since then, the pastor has suffered continuing pain.

"She states that Pastor Zacariah's car was hit intentionally in a head-on crash with a truck driven by Muslim extremists. He and a front seat passenger were seriously injured, but American missionary Anita Liebl was lying dead in the back seat. Liebl was on a visit to help in his ministry to Muslims.

"'So when she left I said, 'Lord, you have taken her away. It's up to you,'" said Pastor Zacariah.

"Pastor Zacariah suffered a fractured pelvis, damage to both hips, and broken ribs.

"'The bone was out for 24 hours," he said.

"'The first announcement that came over the radio was I'm dead, and the Muslims were very happy I was dead," said Pastor Zacariah.

"'My kids went into their room they were crying and praying," said Zacariah's wife, Robina, about the news that was broadcast over the radio that day.

"Myers reports the outspoken Christian pastor is a target in Uganda because he is actively converting Muslims to Christianity. In other attempts on his life, his car has been sprayed with bullets and a man tried to put a bomb in his house.

"'There are several mosques, they come together to plan for my assassination," he said.

"The truck crash left him in pain for nine years.

"Myers also says the Houston Metropolitan Baptist Church brought him to Houston, where a surgeon and a hospital donated hip surgery.

"Two days ago, orthopedic surgeon Brian Parsley and Foundation Surgical Hospital gave the pastor the gift of hip replacement surgery, she reported.

"'You're already on a cane the second day after surgery, which is outstanding, so I don't see any reason why you shouldn't walk normal," said Dr. Parsley.

"The surgery means much more to the pastor than just relieving his pain.

"Pastor Zacariah said: "Muslims have been ridiculing me saying even though you never died, we've crippled you with that limp, because if that limp isn't going to be there I'm going to be a perfect person. It's very important."

"Myers says Zacariah prays for his attackers.

"'Jesus save them, save them," said Zacariah."

It is a regular event in countries that are predominantly Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic. I conclude that there is something inherently wrong in the DNA of a religious system that cannot coexist with people of a different faith. Christians believe Jesus is THE WAY to God, but Christians do not believe they need to "delete" non-Christians.

To LIVE is to know God. The alternative to that is EVIL! from Wayne
Warner's World

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