Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prophetic Crisis ... ?

Friend John’s last word to me warned of “A PROPHETIC CRISIS.”

Here’s what he said, “The “Blessed Hope” of the Church is the return of the Lord Jesus. Both our Lord and His Apostles clearly proclaimed this in the New Testament. We are told to “Watch” and be “Ready” for He is coming back for those who are expecting Him. Jesus gave some clear “signs” that would reveal the nearness of His return and warned that it would be suddenly and unexpectedly like a thief in the night. Yet despite this relevant teaching I have heard virtually nothing from the pulpit in recent years on this most important subject. Clearly many such Churches are asleep and need to be awakened for the final words of Jesus still speak loud and plainly to us: “Yes I am coming soon”!”

I reacted to the word “prophetic” thinking John might have a different approach than I. Yet, reading more closely, I get to the core of his issue and find it to be the anticipated return of Christ. That involves a lot of biblical teachings about which many Christians agree to disagree. One indisputable fact, however, that remains among all Christians, is the word of Jesus Himself saying, as John wrote, “Yes I am coming soon!”

Whatever one believes about the Kingdom of God, whatever one’s interpretation of millennial views (Pre-Post-A-), Christians are admonished over and over again to be in an attitude of expectancy, ready and waiting for the final Advent of Christ and the final culmination of right conquering wrong.

God is still in charge of this universe. Although I am not one who tries to read the signs of the times, I am disappointed by the lack of pulpit proclamation.

I have no doubt we live in the last times--the Gospel Age. I don’t dabble in projecting time lines. I do, however, have firm anticipation and full assurance that He is not at all confused by our theological misapprehension and misinformation and that He will be on time and in full control of all that is.

From Warner’s World, it might be well to speak of that "Blessed Hope" a little more often,

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