Friday, May 29, 2009

Reading Proverbs

On My Own Now … Straight Talk from the Proverbs for Young Christian Women Who Want to Remain Pure, Debt-free and Regret-free … by donna lee schillinger (The Quilldriver, Clarksville, AR USA). $14.95.

Having known some of Donna’s family for many years, I appreciate their work in Hispanic Missions. This is Quilldriver’s second publishing, Donna’s first book. She first published Walking Man, the story of Narciso Zamora written by Narciso about his sojourn in Western South America. I was more than a little intrigued; I was curious what she would write. I discovered a young lady, younger than my own children, in whom I find great delight.

She has a solid academic background in the behavioral sciences with a Master’s Degree in anthropology. She offers a variegated background typical of bright, curious, sensitive people. As one who spent a lifetime working out of the Bible as a resource manual, I wondered at her mining skills for digging into Solomon’s “Proverbs” … all 285 pages.

I have never read Proverbs as much as I “intended;” Donna has. She rewarded me without preaching or pitching pious platitudes. She offered me and other readers thoughtful insights into wise living, each chapter leaving a handle to use in discovering “Wow!” experiences.

She didn’t just read a Commentary either; rather, she wrote out of years of social work, Peace Corp, and travel, with discreet transparency. She used her experiences and insights--high times and low times--to create (communicate) life-concepts that I found personally reaffirming, life renewing, even biblically solid.

Young adults now on their own will benefit from Donna’s wisdom, especially younger women--guys too! Although I number with her elders, I had no difficulty understanding her, even when she conversed in the chatty colloquialisms of the younger set. My wife and my daughter would thoroughly enjoy reading her. My friends can benefit from her insights. Although she targets young believers, non-believers will find her as refreshing as a Spring shower.

Find Donna at http://www.the/;; or You can learn much more about her as well as finding her numerous resources: free downloads, reading and listening resources, et al.

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