Sunday, February 15, 2009

One Day in Iraq

For what we have spent for just ONE DAY of the Iraq War, we could have funded:
95,364 Head Start Places for Children or
12,478 Elementary School Teachers or
163,525 People with Health Care or
34,904 Four Year College Scholarships or
6,482 Families with Homes.

The estimated cost of the first five years of the Iraq War is $1 trillion. We have been in this unnecessary war now for more than five years, a war that only poured highly flamable gasoline on the latent coals of Islamic Terrorism. We satisfied a minority of military imperialists but set back our our economic development by decades. How much better off America and the Middle East would have been without the fanned fires of this American war!

Consider how much better ordinary Americans could cope with current stresses without the destruction aided and abetted by the bad diplomacy and poor patriotism of misguided politicians. Whether or not we can defund the war at this stage seems questionable. Some say we cannot except at great personal risk--a flame fanned mightily by military intervention. In other words, our political leaders led us in setting off more fire than we contained.

Knowing that we must yet bring about a diplomatic solution, I cast my lot with defunding the war, bringing our troops home, and refunding needs at home, as well as in Iraq, and promoting new policies of global peace. Take the politics out of it and consider the economic and moral needs of people everywhere.

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