Friday, April 18, 2008

My Apologies for scramble

That last blog came through slightly scrambled. I have to remember to save my editing before I submit the blog, and I've been failing to do that. The statement came out 10-26-2002, 6 years ago and just before the war.

I hate it when I get my lay-out the way I want and then it comes through not the way I want, but I am learning. I don't like to make editing errors and I don't like the paragraphs on top of each other. I'm having enough difficulty reading myself, with my developing cataracts............Don't know that anyone is reading me, but if it is worth saying, it is worth presenting properly.

A bit later, I will have some responses to Dr. Ron Duncan's statement that guides him as the Executive Director of Church of God Ministries. It is a timely paper. Discussion is way past time. As a Church body, we are not going anywhere until we resolve this crisis of identity. Lloyd Moritz will have further blogging about it on his This can be one of those significant times in the history of the Church of God, Anderson (1880-2006) and http://walkingwithwarner/ will offer a positive influence.

Any pastors passing this way, I would also encourage to download the Duncan paper from and also to read htt;://frypound.blogspotcom commentary on Christopraxis. Good reading.



rusty said...

hi. my name is rusty. your blog is a breath of fresh air. i would love to get to know you better. i am the pastor to students and families at fourth street chog in madera, ca. been here 2.5 years now. look forward to seeing your responses to some of my posts and i will try to keep up with yours as well.

Wayne said...

Thanks Rusty, stay in touch and we'll get better acquainted. Wayne