Saturday, April 12, 2008


This will be an adventure, for sure. Without declaring how far beyond the 3/4 century I have driven, I wonder what I'm doing here. So finding out will be an adventure for me like driving a Model-A Ford on Interstate 80 and not getting run over.

I'll not upload a lot of pictures or hopefully not unload a lot of nonsense. But, since I do write and read a little, I will hope to offer some serious opinions and even merit some worthwhile commentary of both religious and political interest, as well as just human interest.

I am interested in helping change our world from a world of war to a neighborhood of peace and will quickly comment on that subject. Before I do that, however, I have to find out just what stage of this blog thing that I am at.

I am interested in life at the global level, respecting all people everywhere, believing we have a common bond of humanity, that we owe mutual respect to each other. We may disagree; I have room for disagreement within the bounds of what is morally and ethically right. I acknowledge no person as a superior and will treat no person an an inferior. We stand on that common ground of humanity.

That's a start, Wayne

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