Thursday, July 27, 2017

Life Beyond Discipline, A Look at Life in the Spirit (4 parts)

A few years ago I published a pamphlet I titled “LIFE BEYOND DISCIPLINE”, A LOOK AT LIFE IN THE SPIRIT, which I am reproducing here on four parts. Part One includes the following biographical sketch of Charles V. Weber and part two will be his public lecture on "The Abundant Life" that he delivered half a hundred times, usually in week-long revival services.


A Public Lecture Series

From the Public Ministry
Charles V. Weber,

Charles V. Weber was born in Edgar Springs, MO and died at his retirement home in Fallbrook, CA. In the year 1925, Charles became pastor of the Creswell, OR. Church of God. In the years that followed, Chares served Church of God congregations in Cottage Grove, OR, 1926-1927; Athens, OH, 1928-1930; Moundsville, WVA, 1920-1933; Oak Hill, WVA, 1933-1935; Detroit (Bethany), MI, 1944-1948; and San Diego, CA 1947-1960.

Weber did general evangelistic work from 1941-1944. He conducted a significant radio ministry throughout 1935-1944 called Echoes of the Abundant Life.

Called to serve the national church, Pastor Weber first participated as a member of the Board of Church Extension (1944-1947) and the Missionary Board (1944-1959). In 1948, Weber became associated with C. W. Hatch in the Anderson, IN World Service Office. He later succeeded Hatch and eventually became the first National Executive Secretary, serving full-time in that capacity from 1960-1971.

I was a brand new college freshman at Anderson College in 1945, the summer I heard Dr. Charles V. Weber deliver his week-long series “Living Out of the Overflow” at the Anderson South Meridian Church of God. A few years later, it became my privilege to join other pastors participating as voluntary “Dollar-a-Year” Day-men, a fund-raising effort Weber developed earlier and used quite successfully.

For thirteen years, Weber edited and published a widely-read magazine he called “The Abundant Life“ Somewhere in my pastoral journey, I obtained a copy of The Abundant Life (volume 16, number 7 & 8), which I have reproduced here with minor changes suggested by my grammar conscious spell-check.

Weber’s message proved helpful to this troubled young student and Charles V. Weber became a greatly respected name in the church, especially in my earlier years. His positive message was seldom far from view as my own life ripened with time. It is a message this troubled twenty-first century still needs to hear! Perhaps God can still use it to further influence a society in transition.

I have added two pieces on the ministry of the Holy Spirit that I trust will compliment Weber’s work. May blog readers find your lives more fully opened to God’s abundant grace and may you dispense it more freely.
Wayne M. Warner

                                            -Part One-
Living Out of the Overflow
 Charles V. Weber

-Part Two-
A Relational Faith
Wayne M. Warner

-Part Three-
The Work of the Holy Spirit
Wayne M. Warner

This is; I hope you enjoy a positive walk with God’s living Spirit.

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