Saturday, March 14, 2015

Discovering the Bible

Alexander Duff invested his lifetime in Christian Missions in India. When he went, he took his clothes, his personal possessions, and his 800-volume library. His ship wrecked a few miles short of the Indian port to which he was headed. The passengers barely escaped with their lives and all else was lost.

Duff made it to shore, where he sat, sore with discouragement until he spotted an object in the water. He quickly waded into the shallow waters to retrieve the floating object. Taking it out of the water, Duff discovered that of all the possessions he had lost, his bible had singularly survived.

That discovery transformed the pessimism of his losses into hope and the work to which he felt called. The following day Duff read from his Bible, beginning his fist class with five boys. One week later he read to more than three hundred listeners. Years later, a beautiful new building stood as a monumental reminder of the progress he made. More importantly, one thousand students stood in that building  as living monuments to the importance of reading the Word of God.

In finding his Bible, Duff discovered new reason to read as well as renewal to press forward in the face of overwhelming circumstances.  In the end, Duff understood that his Bible reading filled a vacuum nothing else could fill when it seemed all was lost. In reading God’s Word he found further reasons that fortify Bible readers of all ages in many places:

               To heal a spiritual need.
               To discover God’s will and way.
               To learn Gods terms of salvation.
               To experience God’s love perfected in us.
               To promote holistic growth.
               To possess true heavenly treasures.
               To provide personal hope for the person who asks for our reason.

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