Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Gospel Pearl

Legend tells of the King sitting on his throne in heaven will go down and redeem my lost creation?” The angel Uriel volunteered to go as the light of example. Raphael volunteered to go as reason. Michael countered by offering to go with his sword. On the other hand, Gabriel offered to go with a song. When the Son said he would die, the King quickly responded by declaring, “Eternal Son, go down! Go down! For you alone are worthy to die for man!”

The Old Testament tells us when King David accepted the admonition of the widow of Tekoa, his banished and disgraced son Absalom was allowed to return home … unforgiven. The New Testament, on the other hand, tells us that when Christ died on Calvary, He cried out in the pain of victory, “It is finished!” 

We have no parallel for God’s finding of the unfound, but the banishment is over; the banished can come home. Reconciliation has been made.

The bridge over the gulf of man’s sin has been built and the road lies in readiness. The welcome banners flap in the breeze. God’s banished is free to come home. THIS IS THE GOSPEL, not one side of it, not the most important or beautiful part of it; this is the Gospel! Without it, there is no gospel. The unfound has been found. The sinner can come home.

God waits to receive you – like the good shepherd who looked for his lost sheep until he found it – like the woman who looked for her lost coin until he found it and brought it home. That gospel becomes the pearl of great price for which a person must willingly give up all else.

Warner’s World invites you to make Christ’s gospel your Pearl of Great Price  - the one issue in your life for which you would willingly give up all else. 
Where else can you find such a parallel? Where else can you go and make such an investment and get such a good return on such a small investment?

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