Saturday, March 29, 2014

Some Recommended Reading

Bill C. Konstantopoulos has written a modest but compelling 125-page topical exposition of Romans 8:1-39. Bill’s ministry has taken him to communities as contrasting as the urbanization of Kankakee, adjacent to Chicago; to Appalachian VA, TN, and Kentucky; yet, as global as Costa Rica, Kenya, and Argentina. The ability of this native-born Greek to master speaking in English, while also ministering equally well in Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek, only further recommends his competence.

Konstantopoulos is well-fortified by years of loving pastoral relationships as well as of serious study. His writings are further enhanced by his native Greek language. In twenty-one brief vignettes in easy to read English, Bill juxtaposes humanity versus holiness while exploring a range of doctrinal concerns varying from predestination to his baker’s dozen “ingredients for victorious and fruitful living.”

He transitions from Romans eight to Romans twelve to make his final ascent up the peak of personal transformation (RO. 12:1-2. His concluding “Biblical Foundations” offers a fitting closure to this significant subject of Freedom From Condemnation.

Having frequently observed “Brother Bill”  both in and out of the pulpit, experiencing him as a “man of the cloth,” a very human pastor, and a much-beloved friend, I suggest that his best-known characteristic is his steady and consistent faith by which he walks a very human walk. That walk has nonetheless created an extraordinary human being who deserves our attention whether he speaks his message or writes it. What gets my attention is the fact that he lives his subject as well as anyone I know.

This newest one is one of three new books currently coming available from Bill Konstantopoulos (none pictured here since my cover picture is a pdf that will not transfer via blogspot). Since I cannot picture it, I have pictured here several earlier writings. I also suggest that you do not criticize your pastor if he does not preach doctrine to suit you if you will not make the effort to check out what is being written of doctrinal interest.

 For further information, contact the author at 1-423-328-7112 or           I am at Warner’s World -,
adding my two-cents worth to steer you toward some good reading.

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