Saturday, November 23, 2013

Reaping As We Sow

As my friend and I discussed professional football, he admitted, “While I still remain an avid fan, I too, don't like the violent part of the Game.”

Then referring to when the New Orleans Saints were found putting "BOUNTIES" on the best players of opposing, he added, “That not only is distasteful, it speaks volumes to the extent that "Winning" plays in our culture.”

He then made this statement, which brought both of us to agreement: “There has been more than one occasion when either the violence, or the extreme rancidness that is rampant in some cities, I nearly swore off the sport altogether. I think my changing attitude has something to do with age, but more than that for me is the effect the Word of God has on me. It’s not just watching sports, it is the whole spectrum of life that seems like God has lifted a veil from my eyes, and I now see so many things differently. Politics more so than any other subject.”

Think about it. Human history is filled with violence. The occupation of North America came by means of a great deal of violence, against First Americans, even against one another. Global news is war, genocide, poverty, child soldiers… Hollywood movies feed an insatiable public appetite with what – violence: murder, mayhem, shoot’em up Westerns, you name it. Until more recently, even ESPN football commercials featured the brain-damaging violent crashing of human bodies against one another as reason to anticipate the game.

The ugly truth is we are little different from the early Romans going to the Coliseum to watch bloody gladiators compete to the death. Now young thrill-seekers are sucker-punching strangers for the sheer thrill of knocking them unconscious. Words are now seeds of violence called bullying.

Seeds have natural life cycle. Plant a seed and it will eventually reproduce itself, be it an apple, an act, or even a thought. The seeds of violence we are sowing are like a dangerous cancer; they will destroy people, nations, and will eventually destroy our very culture.

From Warner’s World, this is reminding each of us that as we sow, so shall we reap.

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