Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Konstantopoulos Book Being Published

For more than four-decades, the Church of God has recognized the ministry of Bill C. Konstantopoulos (pictured), as pastor-missionary-evangelist, and premier doctrinal preacher. Now retired in Johnson City, TN, this Greek-American pastor unburdens his heart to the church as he offers his newest “ignore at your own risk” issue of 84 pages, published by Reformation Publishers of Prestonsburg, KY.

With an open heart, “Brother Bill” challenges us to respond personally to the High Priestly prayer of our Lord, “That they all may be one” (John 17:21 KJV). That All May Believe remains a subject close to the hearts of all who love the distinctives of the Church of God message--holiness and unity. He calls us to renew our understandings of ecclesiology, and re-visit the church for what it really is.

The church is more than a place to go, more than a purely human organization, and more than just a place to marry our young and bury our dead. It is never just a building where people go; rather, writes Konstantopoulos, the church is the people of God. Without contesting denominational differences, he constructs a solid foundation in scripture, while spotlighting a fragmented church that needs to rediscover the true nature of God’s church. Calling for the unity of the Body of Christ from a purely biblical perspective, the author invites believers to rediscover and renew their New Testament root system. He calls the Church of God Reformation Movement, as well as all believers everywhere, to rise to the challenge of unity, by being true to the Word of God, as well as to our own spiritual yearnings.

As the Community of the Redeemed, God’s Church includes all who have come through Christ to experience newness of life and transformation of the Spirit. We have been placed in the Body of Christ as it has pleased Him, and only a truly united Church can please Him, let alone adequately witness to, and win, this badly fragmented world.

From Warner’s World,
copies should be available from the author at the Winchester, KY Pastor’s Fellowship, May 6-7, where the author will preach on this theme …

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