Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't Eat Lake Trout

I see all kinds of preachments about BIG government, eliminating the EPA, getting rid of government controls, et al. I took the following clipping from the "Muskegon Chronicle" a west Michigan newspaper.As you read the clipping, remember that Big government performs many, many helpful functions as related to our infrastructure. Remember that without governmental protection, industry and others pollute our water resources.

To eliminate all government except for essential security services etc, as some conservatives would suggest,would be to eliminate protection of many popular industries as the West Michigan sports fishing industry, and to privatise much of life as we know it today.

I mention these few, just to illustrate. Now, read the following and learn from it, and know that government is not our enemy, nor is the EPA (federal regulations), or even President Obama. The real enemy is misuse of government (and I'll not muddy the water here with explaining that).

Michigan DNRLake trout
Don't eat the lake trout.
The Michigan Department of Community Health has expanded its Michigan Fish Advisory for Lake Michigan to include all legal-sized catch of lake trout — 20 inches or larger.

The previous “don't eat” advisory for lake trout caught in Lake Michigan south of Frankfort, including the entire Muskegon area, covered only those 22 inches or larger.

The updated advisory was one of nine changes statewide in the 2011-12 Michigan Fish Advisory. None of the others affected waters in the Muskegon area.
In the case of Lake Michigan lake trout, testing showed hazardous levels of PCBs, chlordane and dioxins in all harvestable sizes of the fish, not just those 22 inches or larger.

The Michigan Fish Advisory at is intended to help people who eat fish to choose those that are lower in chemicals and safer to eat.
The advisory provides recommendations specific to bodies of water and types of fish for two groups of people: the general population, meaning women over the age of 45 and males 15 and older; and children younger than 15 as well as females ages 15 to 45.

Young children and fetuses are at greatest risk of the health effects of mercury, dioxin and PCBs found in some types of fish. Those chemicals have been connected to liver damage, cancer and birth defects, and could harm brain development if eaten in large quantities or over a long period.

Related topics: Lake Michigan, Muskegon environment, West Michigan. It would not hurt to read Alex Prud'home's recent publication on THE RIPPLE EFFECT, an up-to-date review of our water crisis and/or investigate the polluting of your water wherever you live.

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