Monday, April 25, 2011

Konstantopoulos Books

The boy, Vasilis, poses among the foothills of his beloved and native Greece, where he grew to adulthood. I tried to reproduce his photo in his native dress, but failed at that. His appearance on the front cover of his new life story entitled Vasilis introduces a story you will want to read. You will be challenged by a journey that begins in Greece, moves to Houston, TX and crisscrosses the world from there as a Church of God pastor, missionary, and evangelist.

"Brother Bill" and wife Kay are greatly loved across the church. I, for one, personally benefited by his friendship and his pastoral ministry during his 14 years of serving the church in the Winchester, KY Bluegrass area.Now retired, he continues to serve through pulpit and pen preaching. You will be the better person for reading this venture in daring, discipline, and christian discipleship. His formidable faith will truly inspire you.

Vasilis is but one book by “Brother Bill” (as many of us know him), to be introduced at the coming Pastor’s Fellowship in Winchester, KY, at the Colby Road church, May 2-3.

Other titles to be introduced include a Word In Due Season, Piercing the Darkness, Rediscovering the Master and Discipleship, The Kingdom of God and the Millennium, and The Virtues of a Healthy Church.

In total, nine Konstantopoulos books will be available this year at either Reformation Publishers or directly from Bill (home address: Bill Konstantopoulos, 310Emerald Chase Circle, Johnson City, TN 37615.

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Wayne said...

Most, or several, of these books are now available via Amazon.

Anonymous said...

wayne.. My name is Angela Hockemeyer.. I came across your blog while trying to gain information about my grand father and great grandfather.. My grandfather was one Timothy B. Conkis- born to William Conkis in 1927... I know that William Conkis was a major part of the Church of God ministry- (which is why I attended Anderson as a student in 1999) I was wondering if you had any more information about my family than i already have.. my email is and I also have a facebook.. I'm not sure if Bill Konstantopoulos is the same William Conkis that I was told about or not.. I appreciate any input you may have.. Thanks from our family and God's Blessings.. Angela