Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"The God Who Is"

It will never reach the NY Times best book seller list, but we sold many of them at a recent church affair. Let me share a quote with you the author:

I am not taken up with every Tom, Dick, and Harry that comes around the corner predicting the fulfillment of time, or how to make a fast fortitude, or even what a bad, bad world we are. Never mind your theatrics, give it to me straight without trying to bury me in it, and give it to me in words that make good use of the communication skills that language gives us.

We all know we live in a chaotic world today, but so many preachers are so overly engaged in enhancing their abilities as public speakers, humorists, entertainers, political commentators, and country club therapists, that they have profitably lost their prophetic edge. Having said that, I offer this quote:

“The state of the world, my friend, is chaotic. Morally we have gone
insane, and we live in the mad house of moral corruption and perversion.
Socially we are confused. We have forgotten the images of righteousness
and justice, and we call evil good and good evil. Spiritually we have
become antagonistic and polemic, having forsaken the fountain of the
Living Water, digging to ourselves cisterns, which hold no water. As a
result, we are unsatisfied, empty and materialistic and pleasure-mad.
The moral decay, the violence, and the perversion that chastise our land
have surpassed the days of Noah and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, and
we do not care.

The state of the church can be described at its best as “getting used
to the dark” (italics for emphasis).

The book is The God Who Is, written by Bill C. Kontantopoulos (Reformation Publishers, 2010). Here are four (4) reasons for buying it.
1) It will greatly enhance your appreciation for a broader reading of
the Bible.
2) It will lift you up to a more awesome and inspiring conviction of
God as a personal factor in your daily living.
3) It promises hope where there is no hope.
4) Because the church is "too adjusted to the dark" and oftentime the
communication is lacking adequate expression.

Whatever one’s cultural and social affinities, the writer stays in the mainstream of biblical solutions. He has walked the walk as well as talking the talk; he weaves veers neither left nor right, but stayed focused. He says well what he has to say and stops.

You’ll find it worth the price (for further information call 1-800-765-2464 or inquire at $12.95.

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