Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Books

I have been involved with books all of my adult life. As a boy, I loved to read, being much like the reading mother I lost twelve years ago. Thus, I am blessed in my retirement, to be involved with Reformation Publishers and involved with some of the newer books that interest the Church of God.

When pastors meet next week in Winchester, KY--Pastors’ Fellowship--they will be introduced to several new books in the church, and at least one new author. Of special interest to me are two new books by my friend Dr. Bill C. Konstantopoulos of Johnson City, TN.--”Bro. Bill“ to friends and parishioners.

Since 1995, I have sat frequently under the ministry of “Bro. Bill"--one of our finest pulpiteers. My family has been abundantly blessed by his gracious pastoral abilities, his perceptive mind, and his overflowing love. It has been with special pleasure that I have previewed two new books--The God Who Is and Leadership, Laity, and Heresies.John Stott suggested the kind of God we believe in and the convictions we hold about God, His being, His actions, and His purposes, determine the kind of sermons we preach.” “Bill K” further suggests, these determine the way we live and what we live for, and he modeled everything he proclaimed.

The God Who Is introduces you to the God of the Bible. The current generation is caught up in a storm of change,innovation, and cultural warfare; we whirl this way and that--an evolutionary whirlwind, and like every generation we need to hear from God. We stands in need of a prophetic voice, if it we maintain our souls in the Katrina of social destruction.

This 101 page book will speak to you, if you are at all open to ideas--like "God" and so-called “spiritual issues.”

Bill’s other book Leadership, Laity, and Heresies is a Bible study rooted in the little book of Jude, but Bill ranges broadly through the writings of Paul and Jesus as he speaks to topics suggested by the title, and to some of the issues we currently face today, some of which people find controversial. It is aimed at the fellowship of believers--leaders and laity.

I don’t ask you to agree with everything the book says; I do ask that you read with an open mind and a willingness to think. I will be very surprised if he does not strike a very responsive chord with many of you across the church--you will be better people for your reading; I am a more spiritually sensitive person for reading these two brief volumes--roughly 100 pages each.

I recommend them because I know the character and integrity of this so-called "man of God." Preachers frequently come cheap these days, but this author is authentic--unadulterated and trustworthy. He is a wholesome personality, a loving and grace-filled Christ-follower, and he has an excellent mind.

Read him devotionally, or spend some leisure time reading with him; you will be blessed. He will enrich your experience and leave you with a new appreciation for God,the Bible, and spiritual values.

Bill’s new Warner Press publication on “the Holy Spirit” will be available at the North American Convention in June, but I am waiting--not patiently--for his autobiographical story of his pilgrimage from Greece to life in America.

I suggest you check him out!

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