Friday, April 10, 2009

Forematting Change

Good Friday was a black day in Hebrew history, but it marked a weekend marked with world-wide change. It is the weekend of the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

There is a huge mistake about Easter, that of imagining that the Easter message is simply a bit of comfort for the dying. It is that! We all find it cooling water upon the lips of a very thirsty person.

Easter, nevertheless, tells us the universe is on the side of truth, goodness, and love. You may give yourself to these values and know that such living cannot be wasted. Jesus says, “Don’t be afraid to live … for God!”

Jesus lived and died on a platform of change. He offered hope of change to a world living with hatred, hostilities, and barriers. He came to demonstrate “For Resurrection Living”:

For resurrection living,
There is resurrection power,
And the praise and prayer of trusting
May glorify each hour.
For common days are holy
And year’s an Easter-tide
To those who with the living Lord
In living faith abide

Some refuse to acknowledge that Jesus is more than a story, that he lived and died in human history, yet hundreds of people experienced his reappearance (cf. I Corinthians 15). Since that day, legions of people have experienced changed lives. With living faith, these people laugh, love, and lift--they live real lives--under the rule and reign of the Living Lord.
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