Monday, January 26, 2009

Responsible Government

According to a congressional report scheduled to be released today, federal workers in the District and New York City failed to pay $176,000 in fines for 1,147 tickets issued last year to their U.S. government vehicles.

Leading the way in the District were the Army, Navy and Air Force, whose employees ignored 158 tickets for $28,000 in 2007. Most were racked up by recruiters working at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center near 13th and L streets NW.

In New York, FBI agents set the worst example, accumulating $35,000 in fines and comfortably besting the Department of State ($28,000) and the Marine Corps ($20,000) in unpaid violations.

Almost half of the citations were issued during morning and evening rushes, increasing congestion and creating safety hazards, the report concludes. Other violations included parking on sidewalks, in handicapped zones and in front of fire hydrants and bus stops. Only 6 percent were for expired meters.

There are numerous, and far more flagrant, examples of irresponsibility on the part of our government over the past fifty years. All of which suggests that one of the biggest favors President Obama can give the American public is a new policy of governmental openness, equality, and responsibility. I like being an American, but I abhor irresponsible government that leaves citizens taking the flack for its irresponsibility.

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