Thursday, August 7, 2008

ETX Piney Woods

Weekend Services August 29--September 1, Evangelist Steve Nelson, South Shore, KY, Conference leader, Nelson Trick, retired MACU, and Music Evangelist, Dale Rector of Whitehall, TX.

(co-hosted by Ray / Maggie Rector, senior area pastors).
For Detailed Information call:
Camp Mgr, Clyde Smith: 936-564-8028 or cp 936-615-1906

Ray and Maggie, at the request of the District Pastors have gone all out to plan, prepare, and promote an event worth your attention. We cannot attend, but would in a minute, except we can’t do both and I have a priority in KY, where I will be reorganizing the Archives at Reformation Publishers into expanded facilities--as quickly as Steve says he‘s ready!

We would attend -- if we could (our kids cut their eyeteeth in youth camp here, in times good and bad). I remember that evening when my daughter discovered a Timber Rattler in the sand in our Brush Arbor Tabernacle (A quick-thinking neighbor stomped it before anything could happen).

Our kids used to love getting into the watermelon patch (they really grow watermelon in Texas). Over below San Antonio I saw watermelon by the trainload…

Also recall directing some youth camps. One weekend camp meeting, I took my Jr Hi youth, led by my daughter, Sandra Barnes (FtW) and some others. Those kids earned both my respect and admiration as they washed, dried, and had fun earning their keep--just for the fun of being there--125 metal GI food trays 3 times a day, in conditions that have no comparison to what my kids later enjoyed at NorCal's Diamond Arrow, or that we enjoy today at Warner Memorial over at Grand Junction, MI.

Those kids did not have Lester Lake to swim in, or Lake of the Ozarks, but they loved the beautiful Olympic-sized pool on the campus of Stephen F. Austin University nearby. I got a little static for allowing mixed bathing (swimming), but we ironed that out and moved on.

What I know from those and other experiences through the years is that after our kids flew the coop to WPC, AU, and away from our home nest, they could hardly stand it to know dad and mom went off to camp without them ) from NAC to the bottom of the list, it didn’t matter), they still BELONGED!

I just had to do this. “Someone online” needs an alert to the possibilities down in the Piney Woods. In addition, I can guarantee that church life is not all a bunch of dull stuff……….

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