Friday, May 16, 2008

This is an update from a letter I wrote for our local newspaper before today’s vote rejecting support of the Iraq War. This congressional action encourages me to continue the uphill battle against War, Although some consider it as volatile as voting against Mother’s Day or apple pie, I agree with those who hold to the hard truth that is war is a failed politic. For the common good of humanity, we simply. As the worst kind of violence, under the best of circumstances, renouncing war is a good place to begin.

Our first four years in Iraq cost an estimated $1 trillion. After five years of war, estimates suggest six more months, General Petraeus being the most recent. John McCain strongly supports this Administration's failed policy.

A Dick Cheney interview concluded public opinion did not matter. George Bush repeatedly reaffirms his confidence that “he“ is right. John McCain supports current policies, and hopes to have the troops home by 2013. It seems the public majority has no say in the matter. We can only weep for those 4000 body bags that continue piling up.

Estimates suggest one day of Iraq war would fund 95,364 Head Start Places for Children, or 12,478 Elementary School Teachers, or 163,525 People with Health Care, or 34,904 Four Year College Scholarships, or 6,482 Families with Homes--much more bang for the buck!

I bleed for those military families suffering death, divorce, separation, dismemberment and other hidden costs? What of the additional hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead, and those 4 million refugees? Are they only collateral damage?

American taxpayers paid more than $1 trillion for current and future costs of the first four years of war, but this is year five. Congress can send intervention to Bear Stearns, but Faith Programs must rebuild New Orleans. While our wealthiest enjoy generous tax breaks, increasing numbers fall further down the economic ladder--daily.

The current Administration runs up the biggest debt ever, but blames “big spending” on the other party. It defends itself by standing on a hypocritical philosophy that supports its own and rejects the common good.

I hardly recognize our country anymore. May God have mercy, and especially upon those who have profited so heavily from this violent encounter!

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